Make all the right moves

At Travelift, our Banksman training ensures that any employee in your charge who is required to operate a vehicle in your workplace does so within the latest guidelines set out by the Government.


Banksman training is specifically designed for any member of your team that directs the movements of vehicles, anywhere within your business. The training guarantees that both their driving and operational skills are satisfactory but also that their recognition and understanding of the latest health and safety criteria is up to scratch.

We come to you

Our Banksman training is available for your workforce in their normal, every day environment.


We deliver all of our training in your place of work, leading to a more comfortable area in which to learn and superb results.

The main aims of Banksman training:

• Ensure that your staff can safely manoeuvre vehicles in the workplace
• Renew and refresh Health & Safety knowledge
• Improve the skillset of your workforce, leading to a more dynamic and able team

Ready to get started? Let's go!

If you are ready for your team to commence Banksman training then we want to hear from you.